My Pet Pic Celebrates 3 Cool Cats & How They Saved Me Today!

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Manic: Me ever since we started discovering scorpions in our home the last few months!  Even though our neighbors had seen them regularly and it shouldn’t surprise me since we live in the beautiful desert, right up against some good-sized mountains, but still, we hadn’t seen any in our home until this year.  Yikes!

Managed:  Having our 3 amazing, loving, but fierce and fearless felines!  Meet our A Team who saved me this morning from a sneaky scorpion that was headed for my bed!  Ugh!!!  Here is the A team and here is my story….

I have to give a big shout-out to my A Team….our trio of cats that include our funny and fat Tucker (who we keep constantly on a diet), the Lovely Lucy whom my daughter adopted in May (and she has become the boss because she is a girl) and Stan the man, handsome and a big ol’ Mama’s boy.  And we adopted all three of these babies from our local shelters.  Gotta love those rescue pets!

And because Stan is such a Mama’s boy, he waits patiently for me to wake every morning.  If his daily AM attempts of patting me on the face fail to get me up, then he sits and waits it out, every single day.  So because of his daily habit, the other two decided to join him this morning and what happened next is unnerving, but has a happy ending.

I decided to grab Lucy to see if she would snuggle with me.  She was adamant to get back on the floor with the boys, which made me curious, so I decided to watch the trio play below.  Since I didn’t have my contacts on, I could barely see the blurry bug moving about, with our three cats watching carefully.  And since they were being careful, I knew that my next move had to be a sprint from my bed to the closet to grab a big shoe to kill a dreaded scorpion!

As I ran to get the shoe, I told the kitties to keep an eye on the enemy and when I returned, they were honing in on the area that the creature had ventured towards, but I couldn’t find it because I’m truly blind as a bat without my contacts in my eyes.  Just then, I saw Lucy head towards my feet and then I felt it…a quick crawl on and off my big toe.  So I spun around and spied the disgusting scorpion and I smashed and smashed until I could no longer smother the icky pest!  Thank goodness he hadn’t stung me.  I praised my two boys and one girl cat and told them, with every pet, that they are my A team heroes today.  Had they not alerted me to the threat below, chances are I would have received a nasty sting because he was crawling around where I step out of bed in the mornings!

What a disturbing way to wake up today!  But I immediately felt safer knowing that my A team trio of felines are here to protect us and alert us to the dangers that lurk in a home that rests in a desert.   And I will be calling my exterminator since this is the third scorpion our cats have alerted us to in the last month.  Ugh!

So today I pay tribute to Stan the man, Tucker butt (as we call him) and Lucy Loo.  I love having cats!  They are affectionate, yet independent.  They keep themselves very clean and you don’t have to go out in the cold or extreme heat,  as we have here in Phoenix, to let them out.  You can leave them for a day or two and of course, they are loyal loves and expert hunters.  Cheers to our A team!

And for those of you that have sent me pet pics, they will post in the coming weeks.  I had to jump out of order today to honor my home boys and my daughter’s pretty little girl, Lucy.   Good job Harris cats!

Send us your pet pics.  We love to get them and share them to remind us to relax.  And my three did just that today.  They reminded me to relax because they are on the prowl….pretty impressive for three lazy indoor cat that are spoiled with lots of love!

Send your pet pics to [email protected] and have a great weekend!