National Blogging Day of Remembrance

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This heartfelt message was posted on multiple blogs today.  I didn’t post this until now, but I too, refrained from posting anything today to honor the beautiful children and amazing educational leaders we lost in Friday’s horrific tragedy.

I joined my fellow bloggers in taking today to honor those fallen and to spend time with family and friends praying for those families that are mourning their lost loved ones.  As bloggers we write numerous articles about parenting our sweet innocent children and there are simply no words that can be written that can make sense out of this heart-wrenching tragedy.  I join my fellow bloggers today and I hope that the good people in Connecticut can feel our arms wrap around them as we pray for them and mourn with them during this difficult time.  We share our tears, our hearts and our prayers and hope that they can be felt across the miles and through the long days ahead.

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