Darn It! I’m Vitamin D Deficient Again!

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Manic:  Taking time to schedule my own yearly physical after I forced the rest of my family to get theirs!  So I finally go to the appointment only to find out that I’m Vitamin D deficient…yet again!

Managed:  Paying attention this time!  I had the deficiency two years ago, so I went out in the sun a little more and started taking Vitamin D supplements and my levels last year were right on.  But I got lazy and stopped taking my daily D several months ago.  I hate to admit that I did that, but I did! 

So now my doctor is making me take 2,000 IU of daily Vitamin D instead of the 1,000 she recommended two years ago.

And I have started walking every day again.  Today, I took my jacket off and let my shoulders absorb a little sunshine, too (you can do that in Phoenix in January and not freeze…which I love). 

And you would think since I live in the Valley of the Sun that getting enough Vitamin D would be a given, but I guess not! In fact, I’ve been reading that a lot of women are coming up deficient in this area.

Are you?  I’m curious if any of my readers have this issue, too.  Please share in the comments section if you do…or even if you aren’t, tell me your thoughts about Vitamin D.

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to a lot of future problems with weak bones and the issue can increase one’s risk for Diabetes and other diseases.  So I really must take it seriously now and remember to make time for my own healthy daily habits, not just my family’s needs.

For me, my new changes will be….

*Take my daily Vitamin D, no ifs, ands or buts.

*Eat a diet filled with Vitamin D rich foods like salmon, tuna and milk.

*Get some daily sun.  Here in Arizona, we walk a fine line between getting Vitamin D from our powerful sun and wearing sunscreen to protect us from that same sun.  My rule of thumb will be to let my shoulders absorb about 15 minutes of daily sun, but to still wear my sunscreen in the extreme summer days.

*Continue to exercise daily.  It amazes me just how quickly my body remembers exercise and how it craves some daily movement, now that I’ve started up again.

*Add some strength training to my workout to help to build my bone strength.

*Resume yoga several days a week again, as the benefits are endless.

Your thoughts?  I’m hoping to report to you all next January that my Vitamin D levels are back up again.

Oh and I should tell you that the rest of my appointment and blood work was A OK….just gotta work on the D!



  1. managedmom says:

    So even though no one left comments here, I certainly had several gals tell me that they are also Vitamin D deficient on my Facebook page. All are taking their supplements now 🙂

  2. I’m vitamin D deficient as well. 🙂

    • managedmom says:

      It is amazing how many of us women are these days….and it is especially amazing that we live in Phoenix and aren’t getting enough Vitamin D! I’m glad you found out, Julie because it is something that we can fix!