Weekly Pet Pic: Perfectly Posed Pooch

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Manic:  Actually not too manic this weekend after all, which is a welcome change and I’ll take it!

Managed:  Since the weekend isn’t too booked up (like the weekends usually are), I will remember to spend more time with our pets this weekend, just like managedmoms.com subscriber Theresa Von Nessi does with her pooch named Precious, who also likes to pose for pictures in her fancy party dress and her matching ribbons.  Take a look….

And I think she found the perfect bed that coordinates with her own good looks and pretty fur!  When Theresa sent us this picture, she included this quote….

“My Little dog, a heartbeat at my feet.”

We love that!  And we love getting your pet pics to remind everyone to remember to relax this weekend and spend some time with your best furry friends who give you unconditional love.  Send your pet pics to [email protected] and have a great weekend!