Happy Last Day of School & Any Advice About Girls & Middle School?

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shadesManic:  No manic today because it is the last day of school!  Well except for my son having finals today at his high school and two more days of hockey tryouts and my daughter and I preparing to leave in a few days for her show choir competition, etc., etc, etc….but not near as manic as usual and that is a nice feeling.

Managed:  Catching our breath and celebrating a very successful school year for my kiddos!  They both had a big year with my girl earning her first straight A report card and my boy receiving a certificate yesterday for his 4.0 grade point average during his Freshman year.   Plus he was in 11th grade math, even though he is only a Freshman, so I’m impressed and I don’t know where he gets his math gift, as it is not from his parents! Today, on this last day of my son’s Freshman year (can he really be a Sophomore now?!) and on this last day of my girl’s grade school years, I say happy last day of school to you and to yours if this is your last day, too.  And if it is not, it is coming soon!

As my girl departs elementary school, she asked me to buy cookie dough, so I did and this is what she made her teacher, all by herself, with no help from me whatsoever (I love that they are older now and so independent)….cookie

 Can you guess what it stands for?  Best Teacher Ever and I love this.  Her teacher did, too.

So now she is off to middle school and even though my son has already successfully been through middle school, I hear it is a different experience for girls.  I’m told that junior high is harder on the ladies.  Why is this?  Any advice for this Mom of a now middle school girl?  Please share your best tips and experiences. We’ve got a couple of months of summer break, so I would love to hear your thoughts as we ease on in to middle school.  Leave a comment here in the comments section and have a great summer break 🙂