Local Woman Writes Book That Is Making a Difference

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I have talked about Teresa Hamilton, owner of the cool and unique online gift store called Teresa’s Creative Gifts before when I have shown her bling flip flops (that I always get a million compliments on), her wine t-shirts and most recently the items she is selling that give back to BCA month.  bc ball capTeresa runs a terrific gift shop, so if you are looking for unique and fairly priced holiday gift ideas, definitely check out her store’s Facebook page to shop.  When Teresa told me that her book about surviving spousal abuse has been helping other women leave dangerous situations, I invited her to write a guest post to help get the word out about her touching book and to also support October also being an awareness month for Victims Against Domestic Violence, so take a look at her guest post and if you know a woman who would benefit from reading her story, the link on how to get the book is included in her post.

Teresa says:

During the month of October, as we “celebrate” Victims Against Domestic Violence” ……….I was intrigued to write.  Back in 2005, I wrote a book entitled “The Power of Addicted Love”. book coverIt’s a story about an addiction to love.  I was married to an abuser, a drug addict and alcoholic for 14 years.  I am not an “author” by trade but I felt the need to share my story with the world with one goal in mind, and that was to help other “Teresa’s” out there.

When my book was published, I received calls and emails from women and/or men who reached out for my help. I will never forget the hours of conversations……engaging in each and every one of these individuals, listening to their stories.  Today……..I often wonder what has happened to these people, wondering if they are OKAY. Did they get through it?

Then, I put my book aside for a few years………..and really didn’t think much about it……..that is, until last week, when out of the blue, I received an email from a young mother who just read my book.   She told me she left her abuser and my story inspired her to do so. I cannot stop thinking about that woman.   I can’t just “forget” people like her.  I can’t forget who I “was”…….and I can’t forget the people that my story continually touches. There’s nothing more rewarding to me then to see my story touch the lives of others……….helping them one “Teresa” at a time.

Teresa with Pat McMahon spreading the word about her powerful book.

Teresa with Pat McMahon spreading the word about her powerful book.

So I have decided to share my story once again, and below are a few quotes of recent messages I have received:

“I am about halfway through your book and I just have to say thank you sooo much for writing this!”

“As someone who is going through a divorce right now, this book really spoke to me. It was exactly what I needed to hear at this exact moment. I will reread this over the next few months for the strength I need for my situation”

“I felt like I was reading my own life story! I never would have dreamt that there was another person out there that endured the same trails as I. Thank you for sharing and making me realize that I am not alone!”

“I just finished the book.  Your stories were familiar.   I hope I can be as strong as you were.  If you were able to leave with 4 daughters, I should be able to do it with one son right?

If you would like to help me by sharing my story, you are helping hundreds, if not thousands of “Teresa’s” out there. So today………with a smile on my face, and my head held high……………I am once again………..on a journey!

Teresa’s book can be purchased on Amazon.