Look Back To Move Forward With Good New Year’s Resolutions

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Manic:  Feeling pressure to make a solid New Years Resolution and one that I will actually see through.

Managed:  Taking a look back at 2013 to first reflect and then to resolute.  Here is what I came up and I think many of you can relate….

1.  Continue to let my favorite mantra ever guide me — when your priorities are in order, things falls into place.  

Priority:  Time and talks with my teen.

Priority: Time and talks with my teen.



Priority -- Listening and talking with my tween.

Priority — Listening and talking with my tween.












2.  With my girl’s unfortunate two encounters, seven months apart, with two nasty viruses, I must reflect and question what I can do better to beef up her immune system.  So I resolve to cook more whole foods and to make sure that she isn’t overdoing it (no easy feat with her energy, drive and goal-setting that she places squarely on herself with no help from us)!

More fruits and veggies need to go on my 2014 table!

More fruits and veggies need to go on my 2014 table!

3.  On a positive note, I am thrilled with the year we had with our kids’ behaviors (most of the time) and their scholastic performance, so continue to keep the communications line open and encourage them with the delicate balance of guidance and the space to let them continue to spread their wings, step by step.

lexi report card

Proud of my girl’s report card, especially the nice comments from the teachers. I am reminded to encourage her to do her best and not let her stress about the one B, but to celebrate her hard work and dedication.

4.  We overspent on meals out due to our crazy schedules.  My goal is to cook more and eat out way less and with my son now driving, that frees me up to make more food.  So if you all have good family recipes that I can try and share on this blog, email them my way at [email protected].

5.  I found a gym that I loved this year!  Woo hoo to that because I don’t love working out, but now that I’m nearing the big 50 in a couple of years, it is important for me to be as healthy as I can, especially since our kids are growing and going so fast.  I want to keep up with them and really enjoy these last few years having them home with us.   So I resolve to work out at least three times a week.

More planks, less sugar!

More planks, less sugar!

6.  Continue to take a moment each day to be centered and grateful.  look at momReminding myself to do this has really helped to calm my high energy type A tendencies.

7.  Pace myself and let it be OK that it all doesn’t get done today.  This is a big one for me because I find it hard to leave things unfinished and to commit to jobs, etc to others….but then I find myself rundown and overwhelmed, so I’m gonna continue to work on this.

So as I reflect on my list, the key words that come to mind are priorities, parenting, pacing, cooking, exercising and gratitude.  And with that I must tell you how grateful I am to all of you for following this blog.  Thank you!

What are your New Years resolutions?  Did you reflect on the year as I did or start with fresh and innovative goals?

Cheers to you and to your New Year’s Resolutions!