Weekly Words of Wisdom

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I had a great response from readers after I posted last week’s Weekly Words of Wisdom, so this week’s is below and this is one of my favorites ever!  I found this funny, but really true for me, phrase on Facebook and it is great!  Does this philosophy work for you, too…..

Lord, give me coffee to change the things that I can and wine to accept the things that I can’t change! wine

How great is that one?!  January has been a challenging month for us due to pretty much daily unexpected expenses, changes and a few disappointments, so today’s words of wisdom keep me laughing and focused.  I will continue on with my daily cup of  joe and relaxed with my Vino.  Here’s to a great weekend for all with good coffee and fine wine!

If you have meaningful or fun words of wisdom that you would like us to share, email your phrase to [email protected] and have a great day!