Weekly Words of Wisdom

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managedmoms_2checksThis week’s words of wisdom are so simple and yet make such good sense.  The next time your find yourself nervous about being in a situation or a place that you don’t feel sure of….or even in the event that you have to attend something that you would rather not, take Jay Leno’s advice.  On his second to last show, he had Matthew McConaughey on and Matthew was thanking Jay and wishing him well upon his retirement from The Tonight Show.  Matthew remembered his first appearance on the show with Jay and he says that when Leno asked him if he was nervous when they were backstage before the show, he told him, “yes sir” and he says that Jay Leno gave him some great advice that he has thought of many times since and that is….

“Just Wanna Be Here” 

Such a simple sentiment that can really help us to remember to adjust our attitude and really take in the place or situation that we have to be in at that moment.  I have thought of that several times since seeing that interview.  It all goes back to not fretting about the past or worrying about the future.  Just want to be here.  I love that.

I hope that you all are somewhere that you want to be this weekend.  If you have words of wisdom that you want to share on my blog, simply email the phrase to [email protected].

Here’s to having a great weekend and just wanting to be where ever life takes you this weekend.