Weekly Words of Wisdom

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Happy Saturday.  Time for our weekly words of wisdom.  This one was sent to us from managedmoms.com subscriber, Bruce.  I think this is a great one to share with our kids as they come into their own and this works for us grown-ups, too….



Since I can’t enlarge the image, here it is again…..

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock…..Build A Door

I think that is pretty cool and is true in a lot of cases.  Here’s to building doors that lead to good things.  A good perspective to have as we progress through this new year.  I mentioned this one before and I thought it was worth sharing it again when I think of advice to give our kids as they become older.  Love this one.

If you have words of wisdom that you want to share on my blog, email to [email protected]. Have a great weekend 🙂