This Week’s Words of Wisdom Come From My Mama

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As I prepare to fly 2,000 miles away in the wee hours of tomorrow morning for 7 days, I am reminded what a gift this trip is because it is with my boy.  Since he is 16 years old now, his years of being home with us are dwindling down quite quickly.  So getting to go with his hockey team to compete in the USA Hockey Nationals is a treat, especially since the games are being played where my Mama and all of her family live in the Maryland/Virginia area.

Leaving my home for 8 days has been a big undertaking as I prepped, packed, organized and got everything ready for my very busy tween daughter to be in the care of her amazing grandparents.  So much so that I ended up running myself down a bit and feeling under the weather these last couple of days.  Today I feel better and am ready for our big trip.  I choose to forget about the cost (this trip is not cheap) and the huge to do list that I am finishing up today…and will return to when I come home.  I will instead focus on what my Mom told me 16 1/2 years ago as I laid in the hospital bed holding my dear newborn fist born baby boy that I had fallen instantly head over heels in love with at first sight.  me and my newborn boyWe sat together marveling at my first child and her first grandchild and we discussed how I would adjust to, mom and baby boy I mentioned my worries about balancing my big career (I was at that time a marketing manager with Southwest Airlines and I loved it) with my big 9 lb bouncing baby boy.  I will never forget her simple and insightful reply. She told me, that as I made my future mother/career/life balancing decisions to always remember….

The One Thing You Can’t Get Back Is Time

And believe me, this happened fast….

little to big

I have always remembered that and I have let that guide me as I made big and little decisions when it came to balancing my schedule with the schedules and needs of my kids.  So as I embark on this 7 day adventure with my boy, I will cherish the memories, the fun, but mostly the time spent with him and the time spent with the woman of these wise words, my Mother.  I am thankful to get some much cherished time with her tomorrow, too.

Enjoy your weekend and cherish that magical thing called time!