Weekly Pet Picture: Lulu’s Lovely Locks

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This week’s pet pic is of Ms Lulu, who has hair that human women may envy.  Take a look….what a pretty girl…

doggie 1

And here is another picture of her pretty and healthy hair.  She shows it off for us here…

doggie 2I love how her human Mom, Heather styles Lulu’s hair with a stylish pink bow.  What a pretty girl indeed…


Lulu is a good girl and she is very loving, too.

We love to get your pictures of a pampered pooch, cute kitty, pretty parrot, etc….Send your pet pics to Rachel@managedmoms.com.  We love to post pets every Sunday to remind us to enjoy the day and remember to relax with our pets before the busy week starts all over again.  Have a good one.

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