Weekly Words of Wisdom: Have You Met Kid President?

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Every Saturday I post words of wisdom that I found moving, inspiring and/or fun from the week’s worth of all kinds of words of wisdom that I observe daily (I’m the kind of person that looks for that sort of thing every day).  Today I quote several from a very cool kid called the Kid President and if you haven’t heard of him, you have got to watch this video.  I especially love this video that he created for his baby nephew called “A Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here” and some of my favorite words of wisdom that he shares are simple, yet impressively profound for a kid!  I guess that is why he is known as Kid President.  A few of his words of wisdom from this video that made me smile are….

“Some days your kite will fly high, somedays it will got stuck in a tree.  That is just how it is here.”

“Just treat everybody like it’s their birthday even if they don’t deserve it because we all mess up sometimes.  The biggest mess up is not forgiving people’s mess ups.”

“Enjoy it.  Pay attention.  Take brain pictures”

“You…you are awesome.  You are made that way.  You are made from love, to be love and to spread love.” 

“You are going to be important and you are going to do a lot and you are going to smell great…but don’t get too busy.”

See why I love this kid?!  My daughter knew all about him, but I just recently discovered him through Facebook.  Take a look at his video and see for yourself.  He is guranteed to make you smile and maybe dance, too…