All Natural Kitchen Cleaning & Food Tips From the Manic Managed Mom’s Mom

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On a recent trip to see my mother, I sat in the kitchen and watched her show me tip after tip about all natural recipes, cooking, cleaning and more when it comes to a healthy kitchen.  No wonder I make a living showing tips in my weekly morning show segments.  I get it from my mama!  The older I get the more I appreciate her, let me tell you!

So this time around I took notes, took her tips home and decided to share her wealth of knowledge with you because my mom was hip to doing things the all natural and organic way before it became the thing to do. Way before the Dr. Oz show and multiple magazine articles were aplenty touting the benefits of good clean living and cooking, Mother was busy sharing her ideas with me since I was a little tot.  I didn’t appreciate it then, but boy do I now, especially since I’m a manic managed mom (mostly manic, but I strive daily to be more managed).  Her tips have definitely helped me with that.  Take a look to see how to naturally sterilize a cutting board, get more juice out of a lemon, keep a sponge super clean and even how to make a sugar free yummy Sesame Asian salad dressing.  Thanks Mom for these healthy and helpful tips…