This Weeks Words of Wisdom Are So Dang True!

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As I do every Sunday, I like to start the week off with an inspirational quote that I spotted that caught my eye. Sometimes these different quotes make me teary, some make me laugh and some give me needed encouragement.  As a mother, I often think of a certain phrase in terms of my children’s goals and/or lessons, too.  I see a large number of motivational quotes daily on Facebook and Pinterest.  So as I considered which one I wanted to share today, it was no contest because this one is just so dang true, no matter what stage of life you are currently in, our children included.

So I share this quote below that keeps me focused, sends me back to the gym and gives me a nice little nugget to share with my kiddos as I watch them set and strive to achieve their goals.  My two tend to be pretty goal oriented, which has been a pretty good trait, but at times I see frustration set in when the ultimate goal seems out of reach or just far away timewise.  So take a look at this and the next time you feel discouraged and impatient about a goal that you really want to reach, hang in there, stick with it, have faith and remember these wise words of wisdom….

stairsIsn’t this so dang true?!  And if your goal requires gym shoes, do it!  If your plan of action requires patience have some. Just stick with it because getting to the top (especially when you worked so hard to get up there) feels so good and is the healthy and honest route to take.  I don’t know about you, but I’m starting my week inspired and I’ve got my stair climbing shoes on!  And it is OK to jump off the stairs to take a much needed wine break with gal pals, dinner with your love and playtime with your kids and pets.  But then get right back on those stairs.

Have a great week out there!