Freebie Friday Winner!

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Who is our Freebie Friday winner today?

What did our winner win?  Keep on reading!!  And remember if you are a subscriber, then you are automatically entered in our weekly drawing for great prizes that include beauty items, cookware,  jewelry and more!  Lots of cool stuff!

Now, let’s announce this week’s lucky winner….

This week’s Freebie Friday winner is:

Amanda Warren from Phoenix, AZ!!!

Amanda won:

grill giftThe super cool and easy to use George Foreman 5 Minute Burger Maker.  This handy item toasts the buns while the burgers grill in about 5 minutes.  Simply place the buns on the toaster plate when you turn on the grill and they will be golden and crisp when the burgers are done.  Plus, the exclusive fat-removing slope design takes out up to 42% of the fat from a quarter-pound ground chuck burger, giving you a healthy alternative to pan-frying with the same great-tasting results. This can also be used to grill up chicken, fish, and vegetables.

Congratulations Amanda and thank you so much for being a subscriber.  We appreciate it!

And we will have more great prizes next week, so stay tuned for that and become a subscriber to be automatically entered into the weekly drawing that we do through!



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Today’s prize was kindly provided for today’s Freebie Friday drawing.  My opinion about the cool George Foreman line is 100% my own.