Eczema, Dry Hands & Nails Solutions

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Eczema continues to be a problem for many of us who live in a dry climate like the Phoenix area that I lovingly call home, even with the heat! I love it here, so I live here and with that comes a search for remedies for the eczema that sometimes flares up on my skin and my family’s as well.  I found a product pick and an all natural solution and I also have tips on keeping your nails and hands healthy as well in my recent KTVK 3TV morning show segment that I did on the “Your Life A to Z” show, so take a look.  And if you try the oatmeal remedy, be sure to follow the exact instructions here on how to make this without clogging your tub!

Solutions for Eczema, Dry Hands & Nails from Rachel Harris on Vimeo.