Natural Beauty Remedies That Are Probably Already In Your Home

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Manic:  Summer’s beauty woes that come with our dry hot weather like dry feet from wearing flip flops, dry chapped lips, flyaway hair and more.

Managed:  Finally took my Mom’s advice to try natural remedies in place of products for an all natural treatment that also keeps me on my beauty budget.  Did you know that coconut oil can help repair dry heels and toes?  How about aloe vera in place of hair gel?  Witch hazel for dandruff spot treatment?  Take a look at these remedies and give them a try since you probably already have these items in your cupboards!


  1. maryanne mildner says:

    Loved the natural products that we all have on hand. In a pinch you can turn to one of those cheaper household staples when you’re out of the more expensive versions… you may even prefer a certain “stand-in” and incorporate this simpler, more natural approach into your regular beauty routine. Thanks, Rachel!

  2. maryanne mildner says:

    thanks for the natural tips. It’s not only cheaper using the household items (and plants) but they do not contain the chemicals and additives often found in the cosmetic industry. Loved it! thanks!