9/11 Tribute Piece That I Had To Share Starring A Special Dog

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I didn’t do a Freebie Friday this week.  I chose to instead observe a day of silence in honor of the 14th anniversary of 9/11.  I almost called it a day without posting anything, but when I found this touching tribute to the last living search and recovery rescue dog from 9/11, I decided that this would be a fitting tribute.  A sweet tribute to an anniversary that is so unbelievable and so heartbreaking to remember every year. But we must never forget and this heroic dog and her heroic partner took me back, touched my heart and gave me pause to remember and honor all of those lost and all of those heroes on that horrific day 14 years ago.  With so many tributes out there, this one was a little different and this sweet dog, who just turned 16, made me smile and tear up as I remember 9/11 and another year that has passed.  Take a look…


  1. This is great! I just returned from DC for work and was there over Sept 11…it was very moving to be here over the anniversary as these great people were honored.

    • ManagedMoms.com says:

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Kim. I bet your trip was very moving. I have never even been to the city yet! I plan to go very soon and I know that I will be deeply moved.

  2. maryanne Mildner says:

    brought tears to my eyes. Lovely tribute to a very special dog on that horrific september day.