Anti Belly Bloat Water Recipe, Homemade Grits, Pony Tail Styles, Hot New Beauty Line at Walgreens and More!

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Last week I got to cohost KTVK’s “Your Life A to Z’ show and among lots of other cool things, I showed a simple recipe for a refreshing spa water that hydrates and helps with belly bloat (fast forward to 13:47 to find that).  Plus I got to learn how to make hearty and flavorful grits and a spicy shrimp dish with Chef Christoper Collins from Grassroots Kitchen & Tap (at 4:53 in show).  I also showed the hot new beauty line called Soap & Glory from the UK to hit Walgreens stores plus the show had several other segments that included fitness, stylish pony tail tips for different hair lengths (seen at beginning of show) and more! And check out the super food that the show’s fitness expert says to eat daily to help to lose weight (at 13:16 in show) So take a look in case you missed it!