A Milestone Day Today: Our Son’s Dorm Room Move-in Day

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Bittersweet (which is also the name of the song I chose for the video).  Tons of fun.  Different.  A relief because he has been ready and it is time for this new chapter.  Meeting new friends & enjoying lunch with his roommate’s family.  Joy.  Laughter.  A few early morning tears from me.  But then I was A OK 🙂 tissuesWaking up knowing that today is the day.  Doing it.  Feeling it.  Feeling so dang happy for him.  Driving. Unloading.  Posing for pics.  Saying “see you tomorrow” as we have family welcome college events to attend this weekend.

So how did it feel?  How did I do?  The answers are in this short video (only 1 minute 30 seconds…a record for me) that I put together today as I put this special day in the memory books.  Bittersweet but oh so much fun!  Enjoy…

in dorm