Impressive So Far: ASU Sports Journalism Program

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Although only a freshman, that is my son in the yellow and blue tie co-anchoring an entertaining and informative sports program.  My son is about to wrap up his first year as a sports journalism major at the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.  He has already done play by play announcing for ASU hockey and for ASU lacrosse. And this week he got to anchor his first sports program called Cronkite Sports Live.  In the video above, you will see him anchor, interview, read teleprompter and even play a fun competition reporting game with his co-anchor, all in good fun.  I laughed out loud with his sign-off action, which you will see at the end of this 13 minute program.  He is having a good time and it shows!  This clip will also have you updated on ASU and college sports.  I am extremely pleased to see our tuition money being put to good use with the abundance of journalism activities and experience he has already accomplished.  He is also enjoying the Barrett Honors College and ASU in general.  Kudos to the Sun Devils for having a top notch journalism school that truly gives students hands-on experience.  My son is also working on two separate sport journalism scholarships as well.

We are especially pleased that he is on the Dean’s List with all As, as he balances it all.  So a shout-out to ASU and a check-in on my son’s college experience as his freshman year winds down.  That is…almost…a wrap! My pals told me that our kids’ college years would go as fast as high school did, maybe even faster. Yep, it is true!