Travel Products Giveaway Drawing Winner!

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Happy Monday!  Let’s start the week by announcing our terrific travel products giveaway drawing winner!  First, here is what our winner won!


The Carry On Cocktail Kit enables you to make yourself a Hot Toddy from your plane seat.  When traveling (or anytime) protect yourself when you are out and about in an unfamilar location with the Safesound Personal Alarm system.  Wardrobe malfunction while on the road?  The Hollywood Fashion Tape is small and compact so it fits perfectly in your purse and this smart invention will hold clothing in place like when you need hide a bra strap, close a wrap style garment, shut a blouse/button gap and more. And before you go to bed in your hotel or at your family’s house, don’t forget to remove your makeup.  DermaVine Facial Cleansing Wipes with aloe is naturally scented with spearmint leaf and lemon peel oil. I love how this makes my skin feel and look.  And if you have a travel mishap, keep the handy travel sized Boiron Calendula Ointment on hand to easily and quickly treat cuts, scrapes, minor burns and chapped skin. My mom and I swear by this stuff!  We love that it is natural and is made from Marigold flowers that is a natural ingredient that soothes and heals skin.  So with this fun travel kit, you will enjoy a homemade inflight cocktail, feel more secure as you are out and about, be ready for fashion mishaps and any on the road injuries, chapped skin, etc.  And you will go to bed with healthy fresh skin after removing your makeup with the travel friendly DermaVine Facial wipes.  I love this kit because it is unique, has it all and are my favorite products!

So who is our winner today?!  Who did draw….

JoAnn Hiser from Gilbert, AZ!!!!

Congrats JoAnn and thank you for following this blog!

Stay tuned for another great giveaway opportunity next week!