Why Moving Cars In My Jammies This Morning Filled My Heart

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Three different times this morning, I ran out in my nightgown (don’t judge…I did throw a cardigan on!) to move cars.

View from my window. Musical cars movement complete 🙂

This made my heart and my face smile because these cars belong to my daughter’s pals.  The cars were all there because four friends found one common night that they could stay together.

At this Mama’s home.

That doesn’t happen very often anymore because they are 16.  They are busy.  One does dance.  Another plays volleyball.  Yet another does multiple sports.  Mine is in between her beloved and demanding community theatre shows.  All study hard and all do volunteer work in the community, too.

So, when the stars aligned and all schedules cooperated (one couldn’t get here until 1am and I was THRILLED to get her) we hit the jackpot!  And I am the lucky Mama who got to have them here last night.  Lucky lucky me!  I get to see and hug each beloved girl that I have watched grow from little girls to lovely young women.  I got to relax knowing they were here having fun, safe and sound in our home.  I went to sleep peaceful and joyful as they did their thing and visited until the wee hours of the morning.  That is the best during summer break.

When I remembered that the trash truck was coming early this AM, I jumped up picturing my gal’s pals’ cars blocking our very stinky trash bin that needs to be emptied ASAP.  I remembered that the big blue recycling vehicle would also be rolling through.  Yikes.

So, I gently woke each girl and asked for her keys so I could move cars.  It happened again when my hubs had to leave for work.  I like to do my freelance work in the mornings in my jammies (big perk when you work from home), so my nightgown and I started up cars and put them in different places.  With each engine start, my heart filled with a bittersweet smile and sigh.  All too soon these cars and these beloved girls will graduate and go their separate ways.

I believe their bond will continue to endure as my bond has with my own high school gal pals.

These fab four start their junior year in August.  That is the most stressful high school year of all.  The schedules are only going to get busier.  The stress will become more intense with SATs and college apps.  Oh, bless their hearts!  Today’s teens are under so much pressure.

So, when a last-minute sleepover came together last night with cars all around, I rejoiced!  Bring it on, I say.  I don’t care that it is Sunday night.  And it was even more awesome when the 4th musketeer realized she could come when she got back to town at 1am!  Yay!

Love this pic…when the 4th beloved gal pal arrived at 1am! It was a surprise that she got back and could join us. Joyful moment that I caught on camera. Love this pic, love these girls!

Please girls, eat all the food, sleep in, invite the boys to sit out back poolside with you gals at 11pm.  They did just that.  I loved it.  I stayed out of the way, in the background working away as they hung out.

I truly loved every minute of them being here last night and today.

Tomorrow my sweet girl has all four wisdom teeth pulled.  This Mama is not looking forward to that and I especially appreciated that the cherished gal pals wanted to be with her last night before her week turns painful.  Sweet young ladies!

Must they all grow up and leave us Mamas in two short years?  I am told that there is a bright side to the empty nest years.  Freedom, more time with hubs, no more high stress schedules, no more divide and conquer with hubs to be everywhere at once.  A lot less to clean.  Less groceries to cram up the fridge.  Less moody hormones to balance with my own crazy moody hormones under one roof.

And the best part is how exciting it is to see these chickens fly the coop and excel and thrive!  I know how awesome that is as I watch my 20-year-old son right now do his stuff. It is a heartwarming thrill.  The best front row seats I have ever had!

I will love seeing that with my girl, too.

But I will also miss seeing all those cars in the driveway.   Sigh.  I may even miss running around moving cars in my jammies and all!

I will miss my girl and I will miss these girls.  A lot.

So that is why moving multiple cars in my jammies was also moving my heart.  I ran around with random car keys in my hand and a full heart in my chest.

Bittersweet times.  Sure love these girls and these Mamas.