Beautiful & Beneficial Beauty Product Giveaway Drawing!

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Happy Monday!  Let’s do a giveaway drawing this week for a prize that contains beautiful…and beneficial…wellness/beauty products!  Be sure to enter for your chance to win two of my favorite items that feel good on and have helped me with my allergy symptoms!  The first prize is the Kneipp All Around Bath Oil Set that includes TEN 6.7 fluid oz bath oils!  With soak scents like lavender, lemon balm, mandarin orange and many others…plus…my favorite is included that has helped my sinuses…eucalyptus!  I swear by this helpful bath oil especially during allergy season!  I pour a capful under my bath’s running faucet and the aroma helps to open my sinus passage.  Such good stuff!

The second prize also rocks and helps with that chapped skin we get around the nose from all that nose-blowing during this pesky allergy season.  So, we are throwing in a very helpful tube of Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment. This is the only product I have found to truly rid my face of dry chapping skin.  This also keeps chapped lips at bay.  I apply a little to my lips nightly.

Want a chance to win this fabulous prize package?  Simply do this…

  1.  Email your name, email address & where you want the prize package sent if you are the winner to [email protected].
  2. Do this by this Thursday, April 25th 5pm Phoenix time.  Winner is drawn through and will be posted on this blog on Friday morning.

Good luck and stay well and looking and feeling great through allergy season.  Hoping these products will help our winner!