Big Holiday Giveaway Drawing!

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Big holiday giveaway is the title of this blog post today because this prize box contains several awesome items that will make a big impression on your gift recipients.  Or keep for yourself and get into the holiday spirit!  Today we are a drawing for not one, not two, not three…but FOUR very cool gifts…

Look at all this cool stuff…some of which I showed in my most recent morning show gift segment!

Here is exactly what our lucky winner gets…

This beautiful holiday tree tote bag. Wrap this up or pack it full of gifts. A wonderful gift! 

This 100% cotton holiday-themed Christmas Motif tablecloth from Dream & Fun ($85 at

This pretty set that includes an aromatherapy bracelet from Honey & Sage Co with a corresponding body oil from the same cool company. 

An eat2explore Family Dinner Club Box that features three recipes from Japan that can be created together with the kids.  This cool cultural kit includes some of the ingredients needed to create entrees and sides dishes that include Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu and a Japanese cabbage pizza called Okonomiyaki.  How cool is this kids’ kit?!

That is a lot of creative, festive and fun stuff to win!  Be sure to enter since entering is super easy!  Simply do this…

  1.  Email your name, email address & address where you want prize mailed to if your name is drawn (winner drawn through

  2.  Email to [email protected] by 10pm mountain time this Sunday, November 24th.  We will kick off the holiday week with a winner so be sure to check the blog on Monday.

Good luck and happy Holiday Season!