My Son’s 4-Part LA Times NHL Kings Series

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Fun to share this.  My son continues to love his job as a sports reporter for the LA TimesIt has been his dream to be a sports journalist since he was a small boy!  This week he worked hard on a 4-part behind-the-scenes NHL Kings hockey series.  I always enjoy behind the scenes articles and hockey is fun to read about, especially when the articles surprise the reader with aspects of the sport that one may not think about.  Take a look and thanks for reading my son’s articles.  Getting traffic to his stories helps him and print journalism in general!

If you don’t have Twitter, here are the four links to his series…

Kings’ playing surface is notoriously unruly. The ‘ice guru’ is here to fix that


Kings coach Todd McLellan’s faster, aggressive system is run by AHL Ontario affiliate


Former Kings player Jarret Stoll excels in his role of developing young players

CBA and salary cap expert Jeff Solomon keeps the Kings’ bottom line in the black