Short & Sweet Smile Post

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As we get through this world crisis day by day, as long as I’m up for it, I will aim to post what I’m calling a short & sweet smile post.  This will be a sweet picture, image or phrase that I hope will make your heart smile.  Keep hanging in there everyone and feel free to leave your smile image or comment in the comments section of these posts so we can share with each other.

Today’s image is of my cat Tucker who reminds me to remember to get my rest through this turbulent time and to remember to relax and breathe.  He can barely hop up on this couch anymore with his severe limp and other health ailments.  Usually this couch is occupied by our Sadie girl cat.  Usually this couch has pillows all around it, which gives our big Tucker less room to spread out.  I have never seen him nap on it.  My hubs had moved the cushions to clean the cat fur off the other day.  When he went to get the lint roller, we came back to this…

How would you caption this?

When I came around the corner and saw Tucker taking full advantage of the well-timed open spot, it made my heart smile.  I hope this made you smile, too.