Top Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale

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A longtime friend of mine, local realtor, Heather Newman really knows her stuff.  I read that Phoenix is now the #1 fastest growing city in the nation so I asked Heather if she was seeing a spike in home sales.  She told me about what’s called Spring Selling Season.  She also told me that the housing market in the Valley of the Sun is hot.  If you are looking to show your home for sale, Heather tells me that this is what you can do to make the home desirable which may increase the sale price.  Heather’s tips…

Heather says:




Going into 2020, the Phoenix Metro area has half the inventory of homes for sale than it has normally.  I say “normally” as if it is such a thing, but this time of year is generally referred to as the lull before the storm.  The storm being Spring Selling Season.  Spring is commonly known as the busiest time of year to list and sell your home, as well as buy another.  We generally have approximately 28,000 homes on the market this time of year, but this morning we have just over 11,000. Suffice to say, demand is high merely because there aren’t enough homes for sale.  This factor alone is driving home prices up.  So, if you are thinking that this is the time to sell your home, you may be interested in some tips for prepping your home for “highest and best”!

  • Generally speaking, the number one thing you can do is clean and declutter.  Think of how beautiful model homes look.  Yes, they have contemporary furnishings, but the number one thing that helps sell is a clean and decluttered space. This alone will put buyers at ease.
  • Fresh paint and carpet are also great ways to spruce up your space for minimal investment and one that can easily be re-cooped.  Choose neutral paint as it provides a palette in which to build upon and isn’t distracting.  Grey or white are highly desired colors by current buyers.
  • Decorate inside and out with a neutral color palette, but don’t forget pops of color and varying textures to help guide buyers in experiencing the space.

    Photos provided by Heather Newman.

  • If you think that your home needs some styling, your real estate professional can assist you with staging or connect you with a design professional.  Sometimes it’s just easier to have a neutral party make these decisions.

Thank you to Heather for these helpful tips.  Check out this handy must-do list for home sellers that Heather gives to her clients.  Good info…