It Happened To Us! My Quick Tip To Prevent Thieves From Hacking Car Key Fob

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It happened to us!  See my short 1 minute video below to see our story about how I busted a couple of thugs who had hacked our remote key fob to break into my husband’s truck. What happened, how we thwarted the would-be thieves and my important quick tip on what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.


We are all set up now to make sure that this never happens again to us!

If you watched my video above and want to know where to get the quick tip Ticonn Cage Protector that I bought for our keys, click here.   The best $15 I have spent!

Has this happened to you? If so share your story and tips in the comments section.  Stay safe everyone!


  1. Omg!! At it again with the amazing video and life tip! Soooo gonna buy this for me and hubby and hang it up just like you! Telling all my friends. Can’t wait!!! Thank youuu

    • says:

      Thanks for reading the post and leaving a comment, Nancy. Like I said in the video, I have been told that a coffee can also works…but I have been happy spending the money on the wallet protector that I showed in the video. Stay safe and have a great day!