Quick Tip Guest Post: Four Tips For Perfect Closet Organization

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Have a closet you need organized? Most of us do.  When I heard about Amanda, the Closet Coordinator, I was intrigued and I asked her to share some quick tips on how to tackle and simplify the overwhelming closet organization process.  Read on to see Amanda’s 4 phase get organized guide.  I love these types of home quick tips!



From Amanda, The Closet Coordinator:

4 Essential Phases of Organization

Phase 1: Purge – decide what items you’d like to be rid of and divide them into piles…one for donation, one for trash, etc. Once everything is divided, get rid of the unwanted items ASAP.  Out of sight, out of mind!

Phase 2: Plan – determine how you would like your items to be categorized, then proceed  with said categorization. For example, if you’re organizing a shoe collection, you might want  to organize based on item type (athletic shoes, heels, etc.), season (flip flops, boots, etc.), or  frequency of use (daily, monthly, etc.) If possible, move your items to a different location so  you have a blank slate to work with.  

Phase 3: Prepare – once you have all of your items in the proper category, you can then  decide if you need organizational accessories, such as bins, dividers, new hangers, etc. At  this point, visualize how you would like your space to look. Having a picture in mind makes  the last phase easy!  

Phase 4: Place – put all of your items away, ensuring that the categories remain together.  Keep in mind, you want your space to be practical and functional for YOU.  


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