Packing Hacks & Tried and True Travel Tools: My Arizona Daily Mix Morning Show Segment

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Planning upcoming travel?

Read this and see my morning show segment to see my tried and true travel tips. I put a bunch of travel stuff to the test to help you have a less stressed travel adventure.

Take a look at my top tips…and then see the article below the videos to get more information and product links.

Morning Show Segments – Part 1 (Packing Hacks) & Part 2 (Travel Tips & Cool Travel Tools) See both below…

Morning Show Segment 1 Info-Packing Hacks:

If I don’t use this handy checklist when I pack for a trip, I always forget something. Every time. I swear by this list!

*Go old school with a paper Pack It List. I swear by this! $7 a pad on Amazon. I have also seen this handy pad in numerous gift store boutiques.

*Stuff the socks! Stuff socks inside of your shoes to create more packing space and to easily find the corresponding socks that go with each pair of shoes when you are on the road.

*Save bubble wrap so when you pack you have the perfect wrapping for you bottles of wine…or whatever delicate item you may be packing. For me that would be the Vino!

*Roll it. You have probably heard of this tip because after numerous flight attendants shared this hack on travel blogs, most people I know now roll their clothes instead of folding inside the suitcase. It really does work as rolling instead of folding creates more suitcase space.

*Box it and ship it! I know this sounds crazy, but if you are traveling to a family destination and staying awhile consider shipping the majority of the clothes and shoes you need at your destination ahead of time. This has worked especially well when I go from Arizona to my mom’s house in chilly Maryland in the spring. Since I am currently not wearing the heavy winter clothing I will need there that time of year, I send it ahead of my travels. That way I don’t have to check a bag and I simply ship it back to my home the day before I fly back to Arizona. 

Morning Show Segment 1 Info-Cool Travel Tools:

*Standing Toothpaste Holder with Microban – $3.99 at The Container Store

*Try packing your dry cleaned garments in the dry clean wrapping to keep the clothes from getting wrinkled. This works for me!

*VANKEAN 15.6-16.2 Inch Laptop Backpack – $29.99 on Amazon

*Packing Cube Organizer (set of 6) – $64.99 at The Container Store

*Travel Compression Bags (set of 2) – $6.99 at The Container Store

*Travel Pill Bags (pack of 50) – $3.99 at The Container Store

*Stackers Travel Jewelry Case – $29.99 at The Container Store

*Clear Resealable Travel Bags (Set of 40 includes 25 pill bags, 9 small bags, 6 large bags) – $8.99

What are your favorite travel hacks and tools? Share in the comments section and Happy Travels!