Guest Post: Ideas For Decorating A Kitchen In A Small Space

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When I’m not road tripping during my current empty nesting days, I have been organizing and sprucing up my home. With that interest of mine and since my young adults (daughter-in-law-to-be included) reside with small kitchens in their LA apartments, I thought this was a terrific guest article to share. Our guest writer today, Karen Nightingale with Ecokaren shares helpful ideas on how to beautifully decorate a kitchen if you have a small space. I think some of her ideas also work well for kitchens in all kinds of spaces. Take a look…

How To Decorate Your Kitchen If You Have A Small Space

Guest article written by Karen Nightingale

To many, small spaces are a headache when decorating. You have to be extra careful not to make the room look cluttered. Also, you might have to pay more attention to achieve the desired style and functionality. Here are tips on decorating your kitchen if you have a small space.

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Resolve the Storage Problem

Although this is not a decoration tip, achieving your desired style is impossible if you don’t have enough storage space. Declutter the kitchen and eliminate anything you don’t use or need. It gives you more room to work with. 

Consider kitchen cabinetry that takes advantage of the room’s height and features glass doors to make the space appear larger. Install cabinets on the walls and use the space beneath the sink for additional storage.

Choose a Light Color Scheme

Decorating a small kitchen with light colors will make it appear larger. Stick to a pale palette with light wall colors and cabinets. Use kitchen accessories and appliances in light colors as well. 

If you’re not a fan of an all-white kitchen, add a pop of color with kitchen appliances or a colorful backsplash. Other colors to consider are blue, green, and yellow. Green represents nature, blue has a calming effect, and yellow is associated with happiness.

Add Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors and glass reflect light, making a small kitchen appear brighter and more extensive. Add mirrors to the walls or use glass cabinet doors. Install a glass backsplash or use glass tiles. 

Consider transparent furniture such as acrylic chairs and tables. The light will pass through them, making the space appear more prominent. Because mirrors pose a risk of breaking, it’s best to use them in less traffic areas. Alternatively, install them on the backs of cabinet doors.

Use Multipurpose Furniture and Appliances

In a small kitchen, use every square inch of space. Choose furniture and appliances that have more than one purpose. For example, an island can double as a dining table or prep space.

Look for appliances mountable on the wall to save countertop space. Also, consider under-cabinet storage to keep things organized and off the countertops.

To decorate the furniture, choose light colors and patterns. This will make the furniture appear bigger. For example, a light-colored tablecloth on a small kitchen table will make the table appear bigger. Brightly colored chairs will make the space more fun and inviting.

Let in Natural Light

If your kitchen doesn’t have any windows, install a skylight. If that’s not possible, use light-colored curtains and paint to brighten the space. Let in as much natural light as possible to make the area appear more prominent and create a cheerful atmosphere. If possible, knock down a wall to enlarge the windows bringing in more sunlight.

Decorate the windows by placing vases with fresh flowers on the sill or hanging kitchen towels. Alternatively, install shelves on the windows to display pretty glassware or your favorite cookbooks.

Decorate with Plants

Image Credit Pexels

Plants add color, texture, and style to your kitchen. They also purify the air and make the space feel fresh. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive in low-light conditions, such as succulents, cacti, and ferns. Place them on the windowsill, shelves, or countertops. For a pop of color, add a floral arrangement to the kitchen table.

Add Wall Decor

Hang a painting or a decorative plate on the wall or install a backsplash made of decorative tiles. You can also create a gallery wall by hanging photos, artwork, or prints. Place the wall decor at eye level to make the space appear more prominent. Other options include installing floating shelves and displaying pretty dishes, glassware, or cookbooks.

Your Creativity Will Pay Off

These are just a few ideas on how to decorate your small kitchen. Creativity, effort, and experimenting with different styles are vital to making a small kitchen work for you. Visit your local home store for more ideas on making the most of your small kitchen space. Alternatively, check home decorating magazines for more inspiration.


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Karen is a proud mom of 2 and a passionate writer. Her focus is on giving back to the world and helping the environment. She believes that an adventure can be found in every day and that anyone can create a flexible, natural lifestyle without a ton of stress!
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