My Top 10 Tried & True Travel Tips & Packing Hacks

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I had a blast showing my top 10 tried and true travel tips and packing hacks on the Arizona Daily Mix show on AZTV7! Take a look and then see below the segment video for more information about the products and ideas I shared.


Details about products I showed…


  1. Pack This List – I have used this handy packing list tool for years. Every time I use it, I don’t forget a thing. Any time that I don’t pack with this handy list, I always forget something. Every time. This list has thought of everything including items like binoculars and bug spray — items I would never think of! The 60- sheet Pack This list sells on Amazon.
  2. Packing Cube Organizers – This 6-piece packing set has been a game changer! Although expensive with a $64.99 price tag at The Container Store, I swear by this packing hack. All six pieces are labeled with the items that fit into each zipper bag. My favorite is the bag that says “chargers” because all of my chargers for my laptop, phone, smart watch and more are easily stored in one handy bag so I find the right cord quickly. There is also a handy sack marked “laundry” for the dirty laundry.
  3. Charlie & Liz Shoe Bags – I found that I needed more than the one shoe bag that came in the Packing Cube Organizer so when one of my gal pals gave me a darling Charlie & Liz set of shoe holders, I had to include the line in this article. These are sold on Amazon for under $20 a piece. With the artwork on each bag that shows tennis shoes or high heels, this also makes a perfect gift to give to the travel lover.
  4. Spanx shorts – One of my fashion travel secrets is packing Spanx shorts. When I travel and indulge in travel foods, cocktails, ice cream and all of the extra calories that come with being on the road, my pants usually become a bit tight as the trip wears on. The funny thing is that I’m not a fan of the Spanx undergarment line, which is what the company is known for…but the attractive, high quality, stylish shorts that look like they have a zipper but instead offer a comfy stretchy waistline has become a favorite travel clothing piece for comfort and style on the road.
  5. Utenag Womens Arch Support Sandals Orthotic Adjustable Sandals– Here is my other travel fashion secret…stylish shoes that are actually orthotic sandals. I get so many compliments on these shoes that rival tennis shoes when I’m running through the airport or attending events at my destination. I bought them in four different colors because they work so well. Check them out on Amazon where they sell for $39.99.
  6. Book your airline travel on the actual holiday or on an off day for potentially lower fares and less crowds.
  7. Join TSA Precheck – only $85 for a membership that lasts five years! You go through the much shorter TSA Precheck line and you can keep your shoes on, too. All the details are here in my TSA Precheck blog post.
  8. My Terrific Travel Trio for on-the-road ailment remedies is #9 below…
  9. Boiron MotionCalm for long car and plane rides – This homeopathic medicine relieves nausea, vomiting, and dizziness associated with travel-related motion sickness. The meltaway tablets dissolve in the mouth without food or water. Take the evening before and day of travel to prevent motion sickness or take on the spot whenever symptoms strike. *Boiron Acidil for heartburn, bloating, upset stomach and acid indigestion – I have personally used Boiron Acidil meltaway tablets that melt in the mouth to relieve occasional heartburn, acid indigestion, bloating, and upset stomach. This homeopathic medicine is made with plant-based active ingredients and can be taken on a full or empty stomach.*Boiron Gasalia for bloating, pressure pain and discomfort – Convenient on-the-go meltaway tablets for quick relief. All three products are sold at Sprouts Farmers Market and on Amazon. The Boiron website also offers a helpful store locater.
  10. Sleep on a silk pillowcase and pack a shower cap to help hold your hairstyle. A lot of hotels no longer have tubs and if you are like me and wash your hair several times a week instead of daily, then a shower cap will keep your hair dry.  Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to hold the blowout style.

So, that’s my top 10 travel tips and packing hacks. Share yours in the comments section and happy safe travels everyone!