My Experience: I Tried Acupuncture For Two Different Head-To-Toe Ailments

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I tried acupuncture for two different head-to-toe ailments. When I posted on Instagram that I tried acupuncture for the first time, several folks asked me to elaborate on my experience. So, here you go! Check out this video below to see me receive my second acupuncture treatment from Licensed Acupuncturist, Kirby Woods with Qingdao Wellness, LLC. I share what the two ailments were, what acupuncture feels like to receive and what the results were after treatment….make sure you watch the very end of the video for the fun ending! 


My Acupuncturist’s Information:

Licensed Acupuncturist, Kirby Woods

Website: Qingdao Wellness, LLC

Qingdao provides Chinese medicine with personalized home appointments in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa.

Phone: (480) 459-4426


***Three days post treatment and my ankle is great! I went hiking again yesterday! The arthritis in my neck and shoulder is also much better! I do have a small bruise on my arm from one of the needles, which can happen at times. The bruise is painless and I feel great. I have no bruising anywhere else. I will book Kirby again as I am amazed at the huge improvement from head to toe with his acupuncture treatments!***