Freebie Friday MySassyBag Winner!

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Thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Freebie Friday for such a cool prize!

My SassyBag is a lifesaver stylish new purse set that is my new favorite smart product. Here’s why…

You arrive at the much anticipated concert or big game and then you realize what you forgot…and you can’t get in the venue without one. Oh snap! You didn’t bring a clear purse and security turns you away at the door.

It has happened to me. So, this week’s prize is such a good one! The MySassyBag doubles as a stylish purse and event-ready clear bag in seconds! So smart! 
A big thank you to the creator of this smart product, Christina Weinmann, who shared one for us to give away this week! Check out how this works in the 23-second video below. Brilliant!

Most big public events now require attendees to have a clear bag for personal belongings. This applies to almost all concerts, theatrical and sporting events, even school events. Unfortunately, that leaves our personal items exposed to literally everyone. Private items that include IDs, cash, medical devices, feminine products and more. Not cool.

When we go to various activities, even before the big event of the evening, we want to be sassy, in style and not exposed! My Sassy Bag is a unique, quick and convenient option to allow us gals to be stylish and secure.

The Sassy Cover easily comes off the clear bag allowing you to effortlessly slip off, fold and tuck away the attractive cover and proceed through security checkpoints. Then you can put the cover back on in a flash and carry on with your Sassy Style! Several different fun covers are offered and today we are announcing who won this pretty Diamond Drop style. Even if you didn’t win, be sure to check out the MySassyBag website and Facebook page

So who did draw this week? Who is our lucky winner!!! The winner is….


Susan Vlcek from Sun City, AZ!!!! Congrats to Susan and stay tuned everyone for more Freebie Friday giveaway drawings!!