Guest Post: UK Sunday Pot Roast & Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

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Having just returned from an incredible overseas trip, that included London, I was intrigued when I received this guest post recipe for a British Sunday Pot Roast. There is a link in the article for Yorkshire pudding, too. Take a look and have a cook with these traditional and yummy recipes.

And stay tuned for my report about how we saved money and enjoyed visiting Amsterdam, Paris and London. That is coming soon!

Today’s guest writer says…

You don’t have to be British to enjoy a roast dinner, and yet it’s those who grow up with a traditional Sunday roast that know exactly why it’s so significant. When you grow up with your parents alternating which meat to roast on a Sunday and deciding on the trimmings, it becomes a hearty staple even when you move out and move on.

Whether you cook a delicious roast beef or you choose to roast a leg of lamb with rosemary and mint sauce on roast potatoes, you have so many options when it comes to a roast dinner. Your choices are going to be unlimited if you know what to cook. So, while we are talking about an amazing Sunday roast, let’s take a look at a step by step on the perfect dinner:


Image source: Pexels

What You’ll Need:

  • Meat of choice
  • Potatoes – red is best for roast potatoes, white for mash!
  • Veggies of choice
  • Yorkshire puddings


**Note: Cooking time and temperature can vary based on how the pot roast is prepared. With so many ways to cook a pot roast now, if you choose to cook it the way the British recipe suggests below, be sure (any time you make meat) that you test for doneness with a meat thermometer.**


  1. What You’ll Need:
    • Meat of choice 
      • Cooking time and temp for a beef: 390F for 25 minutes per 1lb
      • Cooking time and temp for a leg of lamb: 350F for 33 minutes per 1lb
      • Cooking time and temp for a medium chicken: 350F for 90 minutes per 3lb chicken
      • Cooking time and temp for a joint of pork: 350F for 45 minutes per 2.2lb
  2. Prep your veg & potatoes. Add a couple of spoons of fat (duck fat or oil) into a metal pan and pop it into the oven around halfway through the meat cooking process. Peeling and chopping commences now! If you’re planning to roast your potatoes, cut them to the ideal size and soak them in cold water while the pan of fat heats up. Chop your veggies and arrange them in a steamer.
  3. Prepare your Yorkshire Pudding mix. Everyone loves  the British classic Yorkshire pudding; it’s a comfort food to suit everyone. Use this Yorkshire Pudding recipe and make sure that you follow it to the letter for the perfect, puffed-up puds!
  4. Turn the meat. Halfway through cooking, turn the meat over and baste it in the juices. Try not to get lost in the delicious smells wafting from the pan! While you turn the meat, drop your potatoes into the hot fat and pop them into the oven to crisp up for the remaining time the meat cooks.
  5. Tie it all together. Steaming the veggies should only take the last 15-20 minutes of the cooking time, so while you get plates ready and the table set, set the steamer to start. Take the meat from the oven and let it rest before slicing, using the juices in the pan to make a gravy. Serve your roast into your Yorkshire puddings and drizzle the gravy over the top for the perfect meal.

Top tips!

  • For beef, pork and lamb, the internal temperature should be 170F to be safe to eat.
  • For chicken, the internal temperature should be 165F.
  • Invest in a great meat thermometer before you get started!


Are you ready to start making your roast? Chicken, pork, beef or lamb, there are options and you can try them all! Now you know the steps and timings, share with us your latest Sunday roast.


This delicious article is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links. Happy healthy eating!