Road Trip with Rach to the Meteor Crater in Arizona!

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Have you been to the best preserved and first proven meteor crater on Earth? It’s an easy day trip from Phoenix and it’s worth it!

The Meteor Crater, also called The Barringer Crater, is a sight to see. This famous natural national landmark is where a massive iron nickel meteorite, speeding down at about 26,000 miles an hour, crashed to earth 50,000 years ago forever leaving a huge hole in the ground. Visited annually by 27,000 people from all over the world, this is must see natural wonder. After seeing the site myself (on my way home from a Road Trip with Rach weekend in nearby Winslow, Arizona), I highly recommend this spot for travelers and for school-aged children alike.

I took this trip by myself and found it to be easy to navigate, enjoyable, educational and an interesting way to get exercise walking around the nicely done exhibit.

Here is the Arizona Daily Mix morning show segment I did about the Meteor Crater (fast forward to part 2 in the segment, as part is about Winslow).

*Easy 2 hour, 41 minute drive from Phoenix & only 44 minutes from Flagstaff and is open daily for 8am to 5pm

*See historic meteor crater in person that measures 1 mile wide and 550 feet deep, truly a sight to behold

*3 ways to view-from an indoor air conditioned viewing area, outside observation decks or guided rim tour

*4 lookout points that include the Discovery Center Observation Deck, Observation Deck with benches, Moon Mountain (highest deck with fixed telescopes) and The Lower Ramada. My favorite, that is pictured below, is the lookout called Moon Mountain.

*Educational for adults and school-aged kids

*Fun way to get exercise walking around

*Plentiful photo opps

*A famous natural national landmark

*Guide yourself around or join a guided rim tour that is an easy 40 minute hike led by an expert who shares fascinating details about the history of the impact and the meteor crater

*Visit the site’s very informative hands-on interactive museum called The Discovery Center

*View and touch the largest meteorite specimen ever found with the display of the 1406 lb Holsinger Meteorite

*Check out the Apollo 11 space capsule and snap pictures by it, too. NASA trained here in the 1960s to prepare for the moon landing

*Experience the 4D theater presentation of the movie called Collision, which includes special effects and moving seats while watching a simulated interception of a falling meteorite. This is great for kids!

*Watch the movie, Impact! The Mystery of Meteor Crater in the center’s 80 seat wide-screen theatre

*Shop in the unique Gift & Mineral Shop for keepsakes, t-shirts, educational geology and science toys and more

*Dine and sip speciality coffees in the new Meteor Crater Mining Company coffeehouse

*A Pet Ramada is on site for those folks traveling with their furry family members

*Reasonable tickets prices range in price from $20 to $29 with free admission for Active Duty US Military


I just shared a lot of reasons why this site is a day trip not to miss, plus I love that it’s family-friendly, educational and a place to get exercise while taking in the sights and interactive features. Definitely make plans to see the Meteor Crater! For more information visit the Meteor Crater site. I highly recommend!

Happy space travels!