Road Trip with Rach to Winslow, Arizona!

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Whether you are visiting Winslow to stand on the famous corner, watch trains go by or check into the lovely La Posada Hotel, this is a historic small town to know about. This place was once a bustling railroad town that was frequented by famous performers, politicians, world leaders and others of note who all hopped off passenger trains or stopped off the famous Route 66 to visit Winslow in the glory days. Winslow is bit quieter now, but offers visitors a look back in time and invites all to stay for a bit and take it easy, just like the song says. Take a look at my recent Road Trip with Rach to Winslow, Arizona!

Here is the morning show segment I did on the Arizona Daily Mix show about my trip to Winslow and my stop at the Meteor Crater. See below to see my written account of my trip with links to the places I suggest you visit when in Winslow.

Why Visit Winslow

*Easy day trip since it’s only a 3 hour drive from Phoenix and only 55 minutes from Flagstaff

*This town is a budget-friendly getaway

*Visit the famous Standin’ on the Corner park

*Stay at the charming, historic and nicely appointed railroad trackside hotel, the La Posada Hotel

*Town is rich in Arizona, Route 66 and BNSF Railway history…a haven for train buffs who love to watch trains

*Eat at The Turquoise Room inside the La Posada Hotel, which is one of the best award-winning restaurants in the Four Corners region.

*Shop at the Arizona 66 Trading Company store for a huge selection of everything Arizona, Route 66 and the Eagles band.

*Close to The Meteor Crater (just a quick 25 minute drive from Winslow)

*Easy access from Winslow to Petrified Forest (50 minutes), Painted Desert (1 hour drive) and Jacks Canyon (36 minutes)

My Winslow Picks

*Standin’ on the Corner –  This street corner in Winslow was made famous with the classic 1972 hit song, “Take It Easy” that was written and performed by Eagles band members, Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey. The hugely popular tune helped to put Winslow back on the map since the town had sadly faded with the I-40 highway replacing the busy Route 66 that took folks through Winslow back in the day. So, the town erected a fun and visual park area to honor the song, the corner and the history of Winslow. This place is an easy-going town that has slowed down but is still a sight to see (as the song says referring to the girl in the flat bed Ford, but I think the line works for the town, too!). As you can see in my photo below, the park makes a great photo op! The Standin’ on the Corner park is located in the Eagle Pavilion at the NW Corner of Kinsley & E 2nd St in downtown Winslow. This free park is open 24 hours a day. 

*La Posada Hotel – La Posada means the resting place. This special historic 4-star hotel is one of the last great Fred Harvey Santa Fe Railway hotels of that era. Opening in 1930 and designed by renowned architect, Mary Jane Coulter (one of the best Southwestern architects of her time), this property is listed on the national and state register of historic places. The expansive property’s gorgeous decor combines both Coulter’s original designs and the current property owner, Allan Affeldt’s influence making this hotel a beautiful experience to behold. La Posada embodies both historic and modern elements that please the eye. Guests are welcome to wander about the grounds to check out the art gallery, shop in the trading post bookstore, relax in the abundance of the unique sitting areas, grab a cocktail in the comfortable bar or a scrumptious meal in the highly rated Turquoise Room restaurant.

And if you are a train buff, you have certainly come to the right place!

La Posada remained a popular Harvey House railside hotel until it closed in 1957. The grounds were gutted and became the Santa Fe Railway offices, which was a pity since the hotel had been such a beautiful masterpiece. Thankfully in 1997, the Affeldts purchased the hotel and brought it back to life while working extensively to preserve the original beauty that made the La Posada one of the most luxurious hotels of its time. A stay here is an absolute pleasure. Keep reading below to see my description of several of the hotel’s attractions that you don’t want to miss!

*La Posada Hotel Art – Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, check out the vibrant and eclectic permanent art exhibit that is a part of the La Posada. The artist is hotel owner Affeldt’s wife, Tina Mion and her oil and pastel contemporary works are especially enjoyable to behold. Her work can be seen throughout the hotel and makes for a visually pleasing walk around the hacienda styled property.

*Affeldt Mion Museum – The new Affeldt Mion Museum is now open and is located in La Posada Hotel’s 1930 depot. Works here celebrate artists who are a part of Winslow’s history. See the largest known hand spun Navajo rug display among many other paintings, furnishings and other artifacts that tell the story of Winslow. The museum wasn’t open yet when I visited last spring, so I plan to return in the future to check it out!

Photo taken from behind the La Posada Hotel

*Trains! – For the train lover, Winslow and the La Posada Hotel is for you! The BNSF Railway runs right behind the La Posada hotel and is in fact why the hotel was built in the first place…to give train travelers a first class stop to dine and stay if desired. With over 90 daily trains passing by the hotel, these tracks see a lot of action that train buffs enjoy watching from the La Posada Hotel. Hotel guests enjoy sitting out on the comfortable back patio while trains pass by. The Amtrak train that runs from LA to Chicago stops twice daily at the La Posada. In fact, the La Posada owns the Amtrak depot! I recommend taking a cross country train with an overnight stop to stay at the La Posada. For more information about Amtrak travel to and from the La Posada, click here.

*The Turquoise Room & Martini Bar at the La Posada Hotel – Be sure to make reservations to dine at the award-winning The Turquoise Room and Martini Bar restaurant that is housed in the La Posada Hotel. The pretty restaurant is elegantly named after the historic fine dining car called The Turquoise Room that was in the Chicago to LA Super Chief train that ran from 1937 to 1974. The restaurant is lovely to admire and the food is terrific to taste!

It was very special to take my in-laws to dinner here because they have stayed at the La Posada several times through the years and they are huge train enthusiasts!

A fun tidbit about the Super Chief is that particular train was also called the train of the stars since so many famous folk rode it, with many hopping off in Winslow to eat in the hotel’s excellent Harvey House dining room at the time…which is now The Turquoise Room space. The name fits and the contemporary Southwest cuisine is delicious, as are the crafted cocktails in the Martini Bar. I especially enjoyed the Desert Rose Cosmo and the artistically presented corn and bean soup. Don’t miss the large cinnamon roll and yummy hot coffee drinks in the morning. The colorful decor from ceiling to floor in the restaurant matches the rest of the hotel’s stunning Southwestern style and has ambiance and flavor that complements the food. Even the placemats are replicas of the originals from the Santa Fe trains’ dining cars, although I read that the mats are being phased out. I plan to return to see the new placemats and to partake in another scrumptious meal at this first rate restaurant. Reservations can be made here at this link.

*Arizona 66 Trading Company – Located across the street from Standin’ on the Corner park, this store has everything Route 66, The Eagles band and Arizona merchandise. Stop here to find unique gifts and fun keepsakes. Comfy rocking chairs out front invite patrons to take it easy, of course, and the shopping inside is plentiful and is staffed by a warm and welcoming employee team. Definitely check this place out and get a little holiday shopping done for the Arizona and/or Eagles Band lovers on your list! The Arizona 66 Trading Company is located at 101 E. 2nd Street in Winslow and the phone number is (928) 289-1100.

*Old Trails Museum – Unfortunately, this museum was closed the two days that I was in town, but I recommend checking it out for yourself. Visitors to the Old Trails Museum observe exhibits that dive deep into the history of Winslow, Route 66, the Santa Fe Railway and more. I’m definitely checking it out when I return to Winslow. Admission is free and the museum itself was built in 1921 and was a former savings and loan institution. The Old Trails Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Get more information here.

*Flatbed Ford Cafe – With a bright red inviting storefront, I was intrigued to have lunch at the Flatbed Ford Cafe in downtown Winslow.Homemade breakfast and lunch dishes include a hot and tasty Pork Carnitas Skillet or a Green Chili Bacon Cheeseburger plus other southwestern grub that aims to fill folks up. The quaint cafe also sells Flatbed Ford souvenirs plus customized items like signs and aprons, too. Try the Grandmas Tacos dish on Taco Tuesdays. Get the menu, order keepsake and decor items and more restaurant information here.

*Rt 66 Rhinestones and Bling – Western wear galore for the gals of all ages plus gifts and knick knacks fill this stylish store that is located across the street from the Standin’ on the Corner park. Good prices for stylish stuff.

As you can see, I had a fantastic time in historic Winslow. I highly recommend visiting this Route 66 railroad glory town and the Standin’ on the Corner park for fun photos. Be sure to check into the stunning La Posada Hotel to train watch, see the art exhibits and wine and dine in the inviting Turquoise Room. Visit the Old Trails Museum, grab some grub at the Flatbed Ford Cafe and shop til you drop at the Arizona 66 Trading Company and Rt 66 Rhinestones and Bling boutique.

Additional Winslow gems that I didn’t get to cover include the 9-11 Remembrance Garden and the Lindbergh Airport plus several other spots that encourage me to plan a return trip to this easy going town.

Winslow is also close to The Meteor Crater (see my trip to the crater here), Jacks Canyon, The Petrified Forest, The Painted Desert and many other Arizona areas that are on my bucket list! Check out the Visit Winslow site to learn about those road trip destinations and others that are easy to get to from Winslow.

Have you been to Winslow? Leave your experiences about this cool town in the comments section. I love going on my Road Trip with Rach trips through my beautiful desert state. Arizona is a true southwestern gem and the best way to learn about this state’s history is to hit the road to experience towns like Winslow!

Happy Travels!