Daily Fit Tip: Fitting Fitness In

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For today’s daily fit tip, I’m sharing some wisdom from a favorite website of mine called Vital Juice Daily (VJD).  Today’s VJD newsletter says that 20 or 25 minute workouts will get the job done. 

Hooray I say!  Truly finding time to manage a workout into my manic schedule is a mental workout in itself!  So that was good news to read!

The article goes on to say that if you have to choose between cardio and weights, go for the cardio and ramp up the intensity.  In addition to keeping you trim, your mood, heart and lungs will all benefit. 

Now on to what I did today to keep my fitness promise.  And I did it in 25 minutes…

Manic:  Mondays are manic.  Since my kids attend two different schools with different drop-off and pick-up times, I can count on being in my car at least four times.  Then add practice, rehearsal and voice lessons and bring that total up to six times.  And if I happen to have an appointment with a doctor, dentist, eye doctor or vet, then I’m in my car a whopping 7 times in one short day.

All that stop and go burns gas, but not calories, so it was a challenge to find time today to exercise, but I did. 

Managed:  Right after we got home from school, I told my son that I would be back in a  bit. I decided that if I went on a run right then and there, then I would get it done.  And it worked.  With only an hour between the end of the school day and the beginning of my son’s lesson, I took advantage and ran.  Well I sort of ran.

I actually walked, jogged, ran and, when no one was looking, I skipped!

I read somewhere that skipping is an excellent workout and it’s true!  After I skipped to two songs in a row, my heart and lungs were pumping in a good way.  Then I went back to a good and steady jog.

The other benefit of sneaking in a run in between my car runs is that I’m forced to stay focused and move fast.  Sounds more manic than managed, huh?!  But it felt good and that’s what counts!

To achieve this, I did several things.  I wore my running shoes to the school pick-up line.  So, when I arrived home, I was dressed and ready to exercise.

I also made my teenager take the groceries inside, so I wouldn’t have to enter the house.  If I would have walked into my home, the laundry basket and dish washer would have called my name preventing me from sneaking in a jog around the neighborhood.

And when I returned home, it was time to make my son a quick snack and get back in that car, yet again, to get him to practice.  But I drove off knowing that I was indeed burning more than gas this time.  After a good workout, your body continues to burn calories post-exercise.  And that feeling felt good. 

Tomorrow I will figure out yet another way to fit fitness in my manic managed schedule.  And then I’ll share it here with you. 

What did you do today to fit fitness in?  Share your creative ideas so we can all motivate each other!