Green Tea Weight Loss Update

Last week I posted that I had gained several pounds.  When I looked back at what I had done differently that week, I realized that I had skipped my daily dose of green tea.  I typically buy it from Starbucks.  I always make sure that I order the unsweetened version.  I also buy the Venti size […]

Daily Fit Tip: Seriously, Get Your Eyes Checked!

Today’s daily fit tip is not about exercise or nutrition, but instead the importance of getting that body of yours checked out from head to toe.   Did you know that you may have a mole on your eye-ball?  A routine visit to my eye doctor several years ago showed me that I have more moles […]

Daily Fit Tip: Don’t Drink Your Calories

I once had a friend tell me that he stays away from sodas because he didn’t need to drink his calories.  Although I would have to say that the exception is an occasional glass of good wine.  To me, that glass is worth the calories! In the last week or so, I’ve gained about 3 […]

Daily Fit Tip: Put Your Best Shoe Forward!

Manic:  Fell on my bum coming down the mountain three months ago because I didn’t take the time to buy the right shoes! Managed:  Made time to buy the right shoes, which I will tell you about, so keep on reading! First of all, if you’ve been following my daily fit tips (and thank you!), […]

Daily Fit Tip: Promises, promises!

Manic:  Woke up to a sick teenager, which isn’t fun for anyone!  So I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my promised workout in today. Managed:  Promised my younger kid that I would walk a nearby trail with her on her bike.  And because I promised her that we would do this, believe […]

Daily Fit Tip: Fitting Fitness In

For today’s daily fit tip, I’m sharing some wisdom from a favorite website of mine called Vital Juice Daily (VJD).  Today’s VJD newsletter says that 20 or 25 minute workouts will get the job done.  Hooray I say!  Truly finding time to manage a workout into my manic schedule is a mental workout in itself!  […]

Daily Fit Tip: The Shake Weight

MANIC:  I promised you the Wii Fit Plus review but, note to self, don’t buy game parts used!  The Wii balance board that you stand on to get your weight, body mass index and more did not sync with my system.  So after I take that back to the store and get a brand new […]