Daily Fit Tip: Don’t Drink Your Calories

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I once had a friend tell me that he stays away from sodas because he didn’t need to drink his calories.  Although I would have to say that the exception is an occasional glass of good wine.  To me, that glass is worth the calories!

In the last week or so, I’ve gained about 3 pounds.  Bummer!  So, I started thinking about what I’ve done differently. The one major change I’ve made, but didn’t mean to do, was to stop drinking my daily green tea.  This is interesting to me because I had read somewhere that green tea may help with weight loss.

I love my daily iced green tea.  I get it unsweetened from Starbucks.  I like the caffeine, the health benefits of green tea and the fact that my glass of tea has zero sugar and zero calories.  I like the taste, too.  It quenches my thirst.

Another benefit of getting my morning green tea was that once I emptied my glass, I would refill it with water all day long.  The first couple of refills had a bit of that green tea flavor that I like.  After that, it was just water, but I remembered to keep refilling and drinking my water all through the day.

So, I am thinking that my weight gain has to do with not only my missed green tea, but also those missed numerous water refills.  Without that empty green tea glass reminding me to refill, I did forget and I forgot all week long.

A glass of green tea before a workout seems to also enhance my fitness performance.  I read somewhere (I’m too tired to go searching for the source right now!) that a little caffeine before a workout can give your body an energy boost that some folks find helpful. 

So, today’s fitness tip is to be sure not to drink your calories with sugary sodas or fattening milk shakes (although I do love my occasional malt!), but to also remember to drink the good stuff.

For this manic managed mom body, green tea without the sugar and lots and lots of water seem to do the trick.  Tomorrow, I’ll get back on my daily tea and numerous water refills and let you know next week, if those couple of pounds came back off. 

And of course I will have to combine a run with my Starbucks run since diet and exercise are both required to drop a few of those pesky pounds.  And don’t forget a good night’s sleep.  Research also shows that not getting enough zzz’s can also result in weight gain. 

So for me, the key to weight loss is good sleep, green tea, water and exercise.  I skip one of those things and the scale gives me a red alert!

What are your healthy habits that you think help with weight loss?  Tell us here in the comments section because I bet other manic managed moms also want to know.


  1. So many things you said here are important for good health. Weighing yourself every few days is a great way to keep yourself in check and re-assess how things are going. It is easier to stop a bad habit or continue a good one if you are checking in with the scale to monitor. It is not obsessive but rather a way to keep yourself balanced. Studies on green tea have shown promising results in fighting cancer and keeping your heart healthy. Great post!

    • Thanks Michelle. I started back on my green tea yesterday and I’m down half a pound. Interesting. And more importantly, the green tea health benefits is great news!

  2. I’m the opposite of Michelle. I can’t remember the last time I stepped on a scale because I don’t like the number I see. I’m tall so I weigh more – but I still don’t like the number. I go by how my clothes fit. When they start getting tight, it’s time to eat a little less and exercise more. Also, the only calories I drink are from the creamer in my coffee in the morning and my pretty much nightly glass of wine.

    • Yum…wine and coffee creamer, my favs, too! I do like checking the scale AND watching how my clothes fit. I am truly manic about that, huh?! Thanks for your comments ladies. Love it!