Daily Fit Tip: The Shake Weight

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MANIC:  I promised you the Wii Fit Plus review but, note to self, don’t buy game parts used!  The Wii balance board that you stand on to get your weight, body mass index and more did not sync with my system.  So after I take that back to the store and get a brand new one, I’ll get back to Wii Fit Plus.  That was a manic moment of frustration!

MANAGED:  However I made a promise to get my body moving again and with only an hour left before my son’s pregame arrival time, I remembered a fitness purchase that I made a few months ago, so I found the box in my closet and dusted it off.

Did you ever see those made-for-TV ads for the Shake Weight?  I did and I kept seeing the box at Walgreen’s, so I finally bought one for $30, but promptly forgot about it when I returned home to my manic managed life.

Well since my Wii workout didn’t work out and I was short on time, as usual, I grabbed my $30 5-lb Shake Weight, and the DVD it came with, and went to work. 

After laying on my floor for several months, I was finally ready to give this a go!

I do love fitness DVDs because I can be uncoordinated in the comfort of my home with no one looking at me.  Although truth be told, when my kids are around, they can’t help but laugh at their old mom.  They would never believe that back in the day (way back in 1985), I actually taught aerobics to manic managed moms just like me!

I must admit that I was skeptical when the DVD started. 

The view from my television, but this man would be shirtless in the next scene!

Although this same guy in the blue shirt leads the whole thing, once the workout starts, his shirt is never to be seen again.  So it was a bit distracting to lift (or I mean to shake) the weight while wondering where his shirt went and why he was super sweaty, but I had not one bead of perspiration on me! 

However, once I got over that, I began to focus.  And guess what?!  I actually like this workout.  I liked it because I did feel the burn, but knew that my bare-chested coach was instructing me to stand the correct way to best support my back as I shook the weight. 

My hockey mom bud, who gave me really reasonable personal training sessions last year, taught me the importance of good posture and the right type of squats to ensure a safe and effective session.  Shirtless dude seemed to have all that right. 

I also liked the ticking count-down clock that was shown up in the right-hand corner of my screen.  I like to know a countdown.  I look forward to knowing when the pain ends because that is how I roll and that is how I shake!

He also did a good job giving me cool down time between each rep.  And we worked all parts of the arms with the different types of shakes.  The harder I shook, the more it burned, but in a good way.  Plus I remembered to breathe.

Did I mention that the entire workout is done in just six minutes?!  Oh yes, my kind of fitness routine!  My arms felt a good and strong resistance with each rep and they definitely felt a little fatigued afterwards.

Now I know that only six minutes of fitness today would have been a cop-out, especially after I filled my column yesterday with big talk about my first Wii Fitness Plus session.  And that is coming this week sometime!  I just have to find the time to go back to the game store and time is not something MMMs (manic managed moms) have  a lot of!

So I did 50 jumping jacks, ran in place for five minutes and finished with ten push-ups.  Then later on I ran after my daughter as she raced down the sidewalk on her pink electric scooter.  I did run out of breath sooner than I did last year, so it is imperative that I keep moving every day!

So if anything, my first official daily fit tip was a realistic managed manic mom moment of moving past the problem of a faulty Wii board to finding a solution with the Shake Weight.  So far, I give this unique shaky tool for the upper arms, triceps, shoulders and chest a sturdy thumbs-up. 

I plan to do it every other day, so I’ll keep you posted on my results. 

Have you tried the Shake Weight?  Let me know your experience here in the comments section. 

One of my gal pals had a similar experience with the noticeable and surprising good burn with the shake movements.  So far, she too, thinks that this may check out. 

Like everything else, time will tell.  I hope it is in time for those stylish sleeveless summer shirts that come with the spring/summer season that is just around the corner. 

So I’ll keep shaking the Shake Weight in hopes that the skin under my arms will only shake with the weight and not with my wave!

For more information about the Shake Weight, visit www.ShakeWeight.com.


  1. The shake weight is great for a laugh, and we actually gave one away at a gag gift christmas party. I can’t help but think there is something to the science of it though and curious to hear your results. We also have the Wii fit plus but my girls spend more time on it than I do, your post has motivated me to get on it and try some of the exercises. Let me know which ones you like and I will try them. : )