Do I Have to Exercise?!

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Yesterday’s post was all about that yummy menu at Hillside Spot Cafe and I’m still savoring all the food that I tried and then wrote about!  Well, I can’t continue to fill my belly and my blog with food stuff if I don’t work it off, especially now with my mid-40s slowed metabolism. 

How come exercise is such a love-hate proposition?  How come once you do it and work out regularly it becomes an activity that your body and mind craves?  And how come when you stop for a while, it is so easy to forget how much you craved it?  That never happens with food!

So, I am adding a new category today called Daily Fit Tip.  Here I will share a different physical activity that I try each day.  This way you get to read about it before you decide to buy the DVD, sign up for the class or hike that particular mountain.  That is what’s in it for you.  For me…well…this forces me to walk away from my keyboard, put on my tennis shoes and get my body moving.  

I am holding myself accountable to you with a promised daily quick fit tip.   And I if give you, my  awesome readers (thank you so much for that by the way!), my word that I will post a short daily fit tip, then I will keep my word to myself and workout!  And I’ll still have my daily manic managed mom posts, too.  But my promise to me is that I also have to include a brief fit tip of the day! 

Somedays it might be that I ran up my stairs 100 times because that was all I could fit in my schedule.  Another day may highlight a new hiking trail that my pals are promising me is a good, but a doable hike that I can handle.   Yet another day I will review a free Cox Cable On Demand fitness class that you can do, too, right in your own living room.

The objective here are low-cost, if not free ideas, that get the body moving and in shape. 

I no longer strive to shop for a bikini, although wouldn’t that be amazing?!  For my body type, it would be!  I can rock certain dresses and business suits are a look that I can wear well.   But bathing suits, nope.  Never could really wear one, at least not since I was 15 (sigh!).   However, I don’t really miss that.  Now I long to be as healthy as possible so that I can live as long as possible and see my babies have their own babies someday!

Ok, here comes the part where I have to admit that I haven’t exercised regularly since last July.  Yikes! 

I was having such a good fit year prior to that.  One of my hockey mom pals gave me next-to-nothing personal training sessions.  If I wasn’t working out with her three times a week for 40 minutes, then I was hiking South Mountain. 

I was even running almost every day at one point.  In truth, let’s say that I was jogging or walking really fast.  I found out quickly that I am not a talented runner who craves it each day like my running friends do.  I so wish I had that gene!  They run in the morning so the workout is done at the beginning of the day.  It is free and they get fresh air and their daily dose of Vitamin D sunshine.  There are so many benefits to a daily run.  Darn, I tried!

So now that I’ve admitted that I fell off the workout wagon six months ago, it is time to climb back on and share here my daily progress.  Here I will tell you what I did to mix it up, keep it fun and break a daily sweat.

I will start today with my very first Wii Fit Plus session and tell you about it tomorrow.  After my daughter received a Wii for Christmas, I went right to the store and bought myself a Wii Fit Plus DVD, but I have yet to play it.  I did open the package, but sadly, that is all I did! 

I am told that once you design your little Wii person, she gets bigger if you get bigger.  That is a visual that should keep me honest!

So, friends, please encourage me here in the comments section.  Let me know what you do to keep your body moving, while keeping it fun.  That is key because I can’t help but ask…do I have to exercise?!  I know the answer, so here I go and check my blog tomorrow to see how I did! 

Go me!


  1. You know you’re slacking on your workout routine when you go up to your home gym and realize the dog has pooped in it – and not today! Ugh! In my defense, I have a sinus infection and am congested so my sense of smell is very muted these days. Plus I work fulltime and am gone most of the day. Anyway, your post has inspired me to get back into my own workout routine.(And not to feed the dog ham bones).

    • Julie, I love your comments. You are so funny! Keep them coming and I agree with you that perhaps the ham bones are not a good idea for your precious pooch! Oh and don’t work out too hard again until you know you are over your sinus stuff. Tis’ the season for sickness!

  2. Rachel,

    I’m loving your website and daily posts!

    Wasn’t it YOUR grandma who still looked great in a bikini just a few years ago??


    • Yes, you are right, Jude! And I didn’t get that gene, but my Mom did! Nope, bathing suits haven’t looked good on me since 1982! Funny how I don’t mind as much the older I get!