From virus to Vegas…what a week!

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Last week was not at all what I had envisioned.  Of the three New Year’s resolutions I made,  I was only able to attack one of them.  Perhaps I was over ambitious making 3 resolutions, you think?!  Of course, like most people, I planned to return to the gym.  Next was to cook more for my family.  And last but not least, dive into my new blog.  Well 1 1/2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?!  I know, that is not how the phrase goes!

I pictured myself back in workout wear on Monday redeeming my body for taking the last couple of months off (how did that happen?!).  Instead I was driving my son to school in slippers, not sneakers.  This is because my daughter surprised all of us with a back-to-school virus.  Don’t you hate when they get sick right after a break?!  And I don’t know about you, but when one of my cubs goes down, I start to feel a little out of it myself. 

As a mom, when your kid is sick, you have to take a detour from busy family life, but the busy family life keeps on moving with the other members’ schedules.  So after being up all night battling her fever and chills, the alarm clock still rings before the sun rises and my son still has to get to school. 

So, I took advantage of one huge perk of being a freelance stay-at-home mom.  I drove him to school in my jammies!  I did put a jacket on so no one would know.  Please tell me in the comments section if you have done this, too!  Am I really the only mom out there driving my kid to school in PJs?  Of course not every day, just once in a while when a virus has invaded our home, my sleep and my family’s schedule.  Darn germs!

My husband was quite helpful in the evenings getting our boy from practice, thank goodness.  However in the day while he was at work, it was all me.  So, from drop-off to pick-up to orthodonist to practice, I had to be in the car at least four times a day with ill little sis clad in the back seat in a snuggie.  Those things are useful after all!

By mid-week, my second New Years resolution to cook more for the fam was interrupted because I was running out of food to make dinner.  The last thing I wanted to do was to take my sick girl into a grocery store.  So, my goal of cooking for the family that day was replaced by Ra Sushi takeout, but hey, at least my kids were eating edamame and noodles with veggies, better than burger and fries, right?  And I must admit I got to savor my spicy miso soup, delicious and healthy for me, too! 

So by Thursday, when the milk ran out, the bread became moldy and I really needed to make my girl healing chicken noodle soup, I challenged myself.  I would take my son to school, buy groceries and be back home in time for my husband to get to his office.  This way our little girl could sleep in as well, defeating the virus with much needed rest.  Did I mention that I also needed to swing by the school to get makeup homework that was piling up with each day she missed?!

So, it pays to have that regular grocery store where you can shop blind folded because you know where everything is!  Safeway is that store for me.  As I tackled the list and arrived home in time to see my husband off, I glanced at the clock and pondered how I did it.  I left the house at 8 a.m. and was back by 8:35 a.m.!  Impressive, huh?!  Then I had to laugh when I remembered seeing a store employee stare at me as I pushed my full cart past her in manic managed running mode!  Please tell me that you manic managed moms have done that, too!  At least I wasn’t in my pajamas!

So, back home I was cooking again, daughter was finally getting over the virus and getting on the homework.  And I sat down to post a blog. 

One benefit of being held hostage in my home by that mean little virus was the ability to sit in my jammies and flip between blogging and beating her illness with TLC and Tylenol.  So at least my blogging resolution was a successful one in the first week of the New Year! 

Cooking is coming along and um, that other one, exercise….watch out weights, I’m coming for you next week. 

And thanks everyone for visiting my site and for your amazing feedback!  It truly kept me going this week and I needed the extra encouragement to balance it all and beat the virus.

I must admit that I was bit embarrassed yesterday to arrive at the school to take my daughter out early to go to Vegas, of all places!  After she had been out for three days, I felt like a bad mom pulling her out early!  But hey, I picked up the makeup work, killed a virus, got my son to all of his practices and school events on time and even managed to get back in the kitchen!  Now it was time for my son to play hockey in Sin City!  Crazy, but fun!

And now as we sit here relaxing in our nice hotel room with a pot of hot cocoa on the way, it all feels right.  From virus to Vegas, we got through the week and thankfully my son’s hockey game isn’t until this afternoon.  For once, we don’t have to rush around like we do at home.  And yep, I’m sitting here typing in my pajamas just like it should be on a Saturday morning, even if I’m miles away from home.  Virus gone, so Viva Las Vegas!


  1. I’m tired just reading your article! Sometimes life gets in the way of your resolutions, but you do the best you can. I’m impressed with the grocery store run. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you go into hyper mode. I overslept the other day by 45 minutes but still made it to work only 15 minutes late. Don’t ask me how I pulled that one off.

    • Isn’t it amazing, Julie, what we Moms can get accomplished?! Our title should be “Multi-tasking Mom”, not just Mom! Thanks for leaving a comment and for subscribing to my new blog, good friend!

  2. Wow! Crazy week!

    The only reason I don’t take my peeps to school(22 miles R/T) in my pjs is because the one day that I try it, that would be the day I would have car trouble! Oh, how I am tempted!

    Have a blast in Vegas and with that Superstar, Shelley!

    • You made me laugh, Lisa. Believe me, the car trouble possiblity is always in the back of my mind when I do the PJ run! So far, I’ve been lucky and I’m knocking on wood right now!

  3. I can so relate to the car accident fear, only with my luck it would be right in front of the school for all the world to see, and my pajamas would probably have a hole somewhere in them! Worse would be the dreaded speeding ticket, but I don’t want to say that out loud. Glad she is feeling better and you did not end up getting it too.