Manic morning update!

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Read the post before this one first about how my mornings have been more manic than managed lately!  Then read this one.

Ok, now that you read that one, I have good news that I want to share with all of you manic morning parents out there (surely I’m not the only one?!).  This morning went very well plus I added two more “fixes” to my fix it list from yesterday’s article.  They worked wonders and they are:

1.  I did my daughter’s hair the night  before.  Cool trick.  Wash, comb out and then put in one braid or pony tail braids.  Because we did it wet, it stayed almost perfect this AM.  I did not have to style it this morning, which saved a ton of time.  We were both happy about that!

2.  A remedy for the grumpy factor — get up 10 minutes earlier and snuggle with your kids to wake them.  First I woke my boy by snuggling with him for five minutes.  A much nicer way to wake up because this beats an annoying alarm clock or a stressed mom hollering, “hurry up, we’re late again!”

Then I climbed in bed with my daughter and told her that we could snuggle for five minutes, but then it was up and at ’em.  Did I mention that she is NOT a morning person?  She was today after I woke her with a little TLC.

What are you managed morning mantras?  Share here in the comments section and go make it a great day. 

For me, I’m off to the dentist….but I don’t mind because she is a manic managed mom like me, so our appointments are actually fun!


  1. Hi Rachel, love your website! I so agree, I have a silly wake up song I do for Nico most mornings, (I don’t image doing this when he is in Jr High lol) he doesn’t like to be woken up in a hurry either, just like me. love your tips!

    • Hi Roxy! The next time I see you, I want you to sing that song for me! I love that idea. You are such a good Mama! Thanks for checking out the site. Miss you!

  2. Great tips! I’m sticking with the yelling “Get up, we’re late!” trick though. Kidding!

    I often sing “Good Morning, Sunshine” they still grumble, but it makes me feel better.