My Site Survey: Wine & Schedules!

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Manic:  Working to keep your family managed with today’s manic schedules!

Managed:  My site’s  home page asks you (my awesome readers!) to vote on what you do to keep life with kids rolling along as smooth as possible. 

The answers you can select are: 

*sticking to a schedule

*great babysitters

*wine outings

*scheduled spa days

Want to know the results so far?

If you voted, thanks!  Love it!  If you haven’t voted, check out this fun little poll on my home page and cast your vote. 

After reading the results, I have to say that great manic managed minds think alike, as the majority has gone exactly the way that I voted!   Your results so far: 

Sticking to a schedule — 36% of you picked this one

Gal pal wine outings — 36% picked Vino with the girls making this a tie with sticking to a schedule 

Quarterly spa day — 10% picked a divine day at the spa

And great baby sitters — 10% picked this, so babysitters tie with body treatments

Other — 1% picked other

Bottom line:  Nothing can replace a good night out with gal pals sipping a glass of wonderful wine.

Results Message:  Make sure wine outings with your buds are part of the schedule that you stick to, ladies!

….or at least that is how I read it!

If you haven’t checked out this fun little survey, scroll down my home page and select your favorite!

Cheers ladies 😉


  1. I’ve found what helps me is being realistic about what I can really do. When I went back to work I tried to do too much and got frustrated. There’s no way it’s humanly possible to do three loads of laundry, have them put away, and clean all the bathrooms in the few hours I have after work, especially with dinner, homework and bedtime intermingled. Now I set a bare minimum goal and if I can get more done, great but if I only get to the bare minimum I still feel like I’ve accomplished my goal.