Tucson thoughts for today & for our children

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Prayers for peaceful memorials in Tucson today.  May the families and friends of the victims feel our support from folks that don’t them personally, but are grieving with them from miles away. 

And be with our children as we parents search for answers to their confused questions and comfort for their fear.  Our children feel afraid so please help us to guide them and make them feel as safe, but as aware, as possible. 

There are no textbooks on how to parent during the disturbing world events that our children have been exposed to.  Share your thoughts here in the comments section on how you are dealing with your childrens’ questions and fears.  This manic managed mom welcomes your tips on how to talk our children through this horrific event.  How are you answering your kids when they ask you why and what if?


  1. Look under my post from two days ago called “Loss for Words” to see Bridget’s comment about how she is feeling as a parent and how she talks with her own kids. Thanks for sharing, Bridget.