Found: An Excellent ENT

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It seems like almost everyone I know is battling a sinus infection or has allergy issues.  I also had a sinus infection.  So I took the advice of several friends and went to see a highly recommended local ear, nose and throat specialist.  I found this doctor to be extraordinary, so if you are looking for a good ENT for you or your children, read on.

Ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Jeffrey McKenna with Valley ENT ( truly exceeded my expectations.  He went above and beyond because he looked at the whole picture.  He wanted to know my complete medical history, even if it wasn’t ENT related and he even asked me which all natural remedies and supplements that I like. 

Then he did several medical tests right there in his office and showed me the results immediately.  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to go home and wait weeks for answers.  He showed me video of my vocal cords to explain why I lose my voice a lot.  He also showed me my CAT scan minutes after we finished the exam to address my sinus issues.

Dr. McKenna was thorough and took his time to answer every question I asked.  And the best part was that he suggested all natural treatments that I can try first. 

He then recommended allergy testing and told me that this can also be done in his office.  So I scheduled an appointment to come back for that just one week later. 

I left his office with immediate test results, peace of mind and the tools to move forward with natural treatment ideas. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I have just finished the allergy testing.  Allergy testing a is a bit long and drawn out, but quite interesting.  I’ll be posting about that in the next few days, so stay tuned.

He also sees children and I’ve heard great feedback about his good demeanor with kids. 

 I should tell you, however, that you may wait a while in the waiting room because he takes his time with every patient.  But that is one reason why I  like him so much!

And last but not least, weeks later when I had an after hours question, I called his answering service and Dr. McKenna called me back within minutes.  Again, I was impressed. 

His office is located on Warner & the I10 in Ahwatukee and the phone number is (480) 753-1459.  For more information visit the Valley ENT website at


  1. Lisa Walton says:

    As a Teacher of the Hearing Impaired, I’ve had interaction with many ENT’s and Audiologists in the East Valley, and he’s one of the best. In fact when my own son needed tubes, he’s the one we used. I highly recommend!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I agree and with your professional and personal experience, your recommendation carries some weight!