My Family Travel Tips Guest Post on!

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I am so excited! is an awesome site that you have to know about for amazing travel deals, steals and terrific tips!  My guest post about family travel tips is live on the site today!  And boy did I have some good material to share!

Our recent hockey trip to Vegas had some travel surprises that I had not expected.  What should have been a 45-minute airplane ride home turned into a 7-hour standby nightmare.  And because I had never told my kids what it meant to go standby, they got a quick education on how to do the standby dance.   See what happened and how we handled it here at  Happy travels!


  1. Great post!

    As a fellow travel hockey momma, I feel your pain! On a recent returning trip from Boston, our group of 8 had a lay-over in Baltimore. I must say I was surprised to see the boy’s come up with their own entertainment of guessing passerby’s names. I was laughing, on the inside of course, with their names for strangers and actually quite proud because they were quietly entertaining themselves. Maybe these 16-yr olds have matured after all???

    • Thanks Lisa! I do think hockey helps to mature them and take some credit, Lisa….you are a good Mama! Thanks for reading and for checking out! I was so excited that she invited me to write a guest post. She has a great site! 🙂